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I’ll try in this quick tutorial to discuss the key concept, not the actual Photoshop details, now select some people from your library and let’s begin.


  • Align all heads to the horizon line.

Always use an eye-level camera, find the horizon line and line up all the heads; legs could go anywhere


  • Match verticality.

Go to EDIT>Free transform,

Find the nearest vertical line to the figure and match that angel


  • Match the light level

Go to Image>adjustments>levels,

Match the light level around the figure as much as you can.

Adjusting the output level only will give you the best result.


  • Add Soft shadows

Use a 10% opacity black brush, change it to ellipse shape and paint shadows on a layer below the figure. This is crucial to make it look like its standing on the ground.

Hard shadow is optional according to your scene.


  • Match the color tone.

Go to image>adjustments>color balance

Match the image overall color tone to your figure. For example, I have an overall bluish rendering that needs to be matched


  • Add some motion blur

Use the smudge tool to add life to your figures


  • Add reflection

Duplicate the figure layer, mirror it, then go to Filter>Blur>motion Blur

Change the layer opacity to 30% and the layer mode to soft light


That’s it… super effective techniques to apply, you can try it yourself or use a ready-made library with shadows and reflection like I do.

I’m using here a drag and drop Arab people collection from www.cutoutshop.com, with readymade layers of soft shadows, hard shadows, and reflection.

It has also ready-made groups of people for a super quick and professional production.

I highly recommend you to download it to get a professional result. I’ll put the link in the description for you.


Finally, if you like this tutorial please like and share with your friends!

Share the knowledge!

See you soon