The most professional drag & drop Arab cutout collection you will ever find !

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100 Full HD Arab People cutout Collection

This professional Hi resolution Arab people cutout will make your visualization looks very real !It contains 100 Arab people in various formats (.PSD, .PNG and .max)
This collection was crafted to make your work as fast and easy as possible, just drag and drop!
It comes also with shadow and reflection layers and many other features to save your valuable time !

9.5 GB of Data


Superior Quality

Full HD high-quality people cutout ~2500*1080 pixel.

Various Groups & Formats

PSD, PNG and .max formats

100 Full HD Arab Cutout Collection Catalog


Michael Naguib

"For the last 12 years I struggled to find high quality Arab 2D figures for post productions, its either low resolution or outdated outfits that does not present the high end quality I always aim for. I finally found what I’m looking for, and I no longer need to search the Internet, here is all what I need"

James Donald

"This library was exactly what I needed, the way it is organized make it super easy to use. The readymade layers of shadow and reflection saved me a lot of time with a great end result. I’m glad that I found such a library"

Bryce Hinton

Arab Cutout collections are often hard to find, especially with this level of quality. Most of the Arab cutouts available online either in low resolution or people dressing very old clothes from 90’s that doesn’t match the current modern Arabs. Buying this library was the right decision to do.

Brian Carpenter

"Thank you for providing such an amazing library, I was searching for it for years… literally"

15 Days Money Back Guarantee

Full refund if you didn't like it, no question asked!

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews

Believe it or not, I spent almost three days finding cutouts to perfectly blend in with a project that I'm currently doing. Oh not anymore :)


That was a great library, it was so hard to find professional Arab people collection. It was a great find. A+!


Good job guys, the soft shadow layer makes the character blend with the photo without even touching it. So glad that I found such an amazing library.


Oh really, finally someone made a good Arab cut out library. I just love it!


I like how it was categorized, the group collection was very useful for me. It is basically a ready made psd file that has some characters respecting that camera depth, so it was only one drag and drop with some tweaks and I'm done. Brilliant.